Mississippi River

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This tea is for WOMEN!

Ingredients: Flaxseed, Marshmallow Root, Chamomile, Red Raspberry Leaf, Hibiscus, Horny Goat Weed, Slippery elm.

Benefits: Flaxseed relieves menopause symptoms, Lowers blood sugar, Good for your heart and helps maintain healthy weight. Marshmallow root It’s a pain reliever. It’s good for your skin. It helps with your digestive system. Helps with cough and cold. Helps with irritation, asthma, constipation and prevents UTI. Chamomile helps with relaxation. Red raspberry tea reduces cramps. (if pregnant-strengthens uterine lining and eases labor pains) (Menstrual- decrease menstrual discomfort, mood swings and cramping.) Hibiscus helps promote weight loss, Fights off bacteria, prevents cancer, and helps with cholesterol. Horny goat weed helps balance hormones and libido stimulants. Slippery elm helps with vaginal dryness.

If you are allergic to any organic herbal teas, please let me know, if not we will not be held accountable or made liable for any allergic reactions.

Disclaimer: Teas by Tee is not to cure you, it’s to help you with symptoms!