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This tea is for BLOOD PRESSURE!

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Green Tea, Lavender Tea, Lemon Peel, Cinnamon, Ginger

Benefits: Hibiscus can help widen your arteries relieving the pressure which causes high blood pressure. Green tea it’s known as a natural vasodilator meaning the blood can flow more efficiently through the arteries and capillaries relieving the pressure on the heart. Lavender tea can help to lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health. Lemon peel is a natural antioxidant and helps to improve blood circulation. Cinnamon helps dilate and relax the blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure. Ginger lowers blood pressure by acting as a natural calcium channel blocker and dilating the blood vessels.

If you are allergic to any organic herbal teas, please let me know, if not we will not be held accountable or made liable for any allergic reactions.

Disclaimer: Teas by Tee is not to cure you, it’s to help you with symptoms!